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Divine Flow


A podcast for creative souls who want to bring more peace, flow, lightness, and spiritual connection into their lives & work, Divine Flow is the energy state you surrender into where everything naturally works out beautifully in your life & work. 

Insights drop in right when they are needed. You don’t need to grasp, control, or even steer the ship... because it’s all already been pre-planned by your Higher Self! 

You just get to slow down, feel peaceful, and BE as life rushes to you. Imagine how it would feel to live in alignment with this flow ALL of the time! It is real and it is possible.

That is the beautiful world we are moving into on this planet. But first, we need to unhitch ourselves from everything that ties us back to the fears that cause us to cling too tightly to the “old ways” of forcing, hustling, and the illusion of being in control - which, let’s face it, isn’t working out that well anymore anyway… am I right?

Join us for podcast episodes that will inspire you to slow down and flow based on conversations with spiritual thought leaders and creative & intuitive souls who are doing what they love and doing it all in divine flow.